Teachers are an architect of our future generation; they are the makers of the society. They are the motivators, guides and the lodestar that helps the students steer their careers to success.

As per Madan Mohan Malavia (the founder of Banaras Hindu University, the world’s second largest residential university) truly said about teachers- “It Lies Largely In His Teacher’s Hand To Mould The Mind Of The Child Who Is Father Of The Man. If He Is Patriotic And Devoted To The National Cause And Realizes His Responsibility, He Can Produce A Race Of Patriotic Men And Women Who Would Religiously Place The Country Above The Community And National Gain Above Communal Advantage.”

At CJS, the relation between student & teacher is very harmonious with complete dedication and affection from the teacher towards the student. At CJS, the teachers are respected for their ability to think independently and for their proactive and positive contribution for the development of every child under their care. Every faculty member is equally responsible for the growth of every child. They regularly interact with parents, as they are considered very important an integral part of the institution in the developmental activity of the students. Senior members of the faculty regularly attend seminars and visit various schools to bring the best teaching and learning practices to the institution.

At CJS, a teacher is like a parent to the student. They try to see if the students are fine, healthy and active. They also encourage students to take up extra curricular activities besides studies and also welfare programs with the support of his colleagues. They are not just the teachers, but they play a multiple role as the mentors, philosophers and guides leading the children to the path of success. They do not restrict themselves to classroom teaching alone, they help in clearing the doubts, fears and anxiety of the students and motivate them to perform well both in academics and co-curricular activities.

The staff members and teachers are the melodious instruments which makes CJS a beautiful and harmonious composition in the world of learning.