The library is the treasure trove of Columbia Junior School . It is well stocked with books, encyclopedias, CDs etc. It is a resource center which makes an invaluable contribution towards enriching our students’ knowledge bank. Each section i.e. Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary, have their own library.   Myriad books on history, literature, fictions, science, classics as well as guidebooks for various competitive exams are there in the library.  The students can enjoy reading in a calm and serene ambience and get the books issued to take home.  New arrivals are displayed in rotating racks so that the teachers as well as students come to know about the books added to the treasure chest of the Columbian Library.


General Rules

  • 1. Transport Students MUST carry transport Card at all times while using school transport.

  • 2. All requests MUST be handed over at the Fee Counter.

  • 3. Fee shall be paid for the whole quarter irrespective of when the transport is withdrawn at any point of time.

  • 4. Seat in the transport is not guaranteed.

  • 5. No transport allowed once transport is withdrawn.

  • 6. Any dues / arrears / damages will be deducted from Transport Security.

  • 7. 15 Day notice MUST be given for transport withdrawal. Please allow 30 days for the security refund. Refund will be made byCHEQUE ONLY.

  • 8.  No Security will be refunded without submitting the security receipt in original.

  • 9.  Security is Non Transferable, Non Negotiable basis.

  • 10. Duplicate card can be re-issued with a fee of Rs.100/- at the fee counter.

  • 11. Transport Card should to be submitted back to the school at the end of the quarter. A new card shall be provided as replacement, if transport service is to be continued.     


The school has three Science Labs, junior and senior Computer Labs, Maths Lab, Language Lab and Robotic Lab.  The laboratories are equipped with latest technology and material so that the students get a sound practical knowledge and hands on learning. 

The students do the lab activities with keen interest and enthusiasm.  There is a constant endevour to keep students’ learning at the focus of all activities. 

Medical Room

There is a medical room / infirmary in the school which provides comfort and solace to the unwell students.  Basic medicines, First Aid material, Spray, Balms, Antiseptic lotions / powders etc. are stocked in the medical room.

There are doctors under the panel of the school who come for regular medical checkup of the students.  Medical camps are also organised from time to time to keep a check on all the health aspects of the students.

Activity Room

There is a vibrant and colourful activity room for the tiny-tots to enjoy, with plethora of games and activities to choose from.  There is no doubt that this is the favourite haunt of the little ones where they can enjoy the world of their own.  The teacher plays a passive role and gently guides them as and when required.

Smart Classes

At Columbia Junior School , e-learning is accorded top priority. This helps students schooling with us to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living.

"Smart Class Boards" have been installed in every class room. The teacher is able to log onto our Resource Centre and access audio visual aids to enhance the class room teaching experiences. Such learning through audio visual aids is better absorbed, since abstract concepts are given particular shapes & colours. 

Columbia Junior School  School is continuously exploring innovative ideas and latest technologies to bring to you and your ward a fulfilling experience in education.

Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing & Play Stations – Columbia Junior School  has the unique feature of wall climbing zone specially designed keeping in view the safety of the students.  Once the students put on the safety equipment they are first guided by the instructor and then after that they climb the wall independently.

Play Stations - There is an attractive and safe play station for the little ones where they spend a happy and merry time.  They get to enjoy and in the process enhance their psycho–motor skills. Such activities are very important for eye, hands and legs co-ordination of the children.  They play and have a gala time under supervision of their teacher.